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Buying a property

The real estate agents of Curaçao Homes are there to help you find the home that meets your needs, or find that investment in the property you are looking for.

In advance we will first discuss with you carefully, and make an inventory of your wishes, so that the search becomes a lot easier. With our personal approach and extensive experience, we know how we can assist you in the search.

Our approach is as follows:

Step 1: Find a suitable home

We always recommend that you take a look at the different neighborhoods you like. This gives you insight into the neighborhood and facilities, such as schools and shops. Because in Curaçao, no home or street is the same.

We have an extensive network, which gives us a good insight into objects that come onto the market. Thanks to our years of experience, we can quickly make a good selection from the current objects available.

You can of course also search yourself, through well-known channels such as websites, social media and ‘De Makelaar’ newspaper.

Step 2: Viewing and additional research

Have you seen a house that appeals to you, then we will arrange a viewing with you. This way you will quickly find out whether the house really meets your needs. We view the house with different eyes. We pay particular attention to the maintenance of the house and any defects.

In some cases, we recommend having an appraisal made or let an architectural specialist do further investigation. In this way, the exact state of maintenance of the house can be viewed.

When you have found that  specific house, Curaçao Homes can conduct additional research into the home. Consider, for example, Cadastral data, personal obligations, zoning plans, the environmental aspects and possibly the data of the Association for Owners (Owners Association).

Step 3: Negotiation

When you have found a particular home, we advise you on the bidding strategy and a good opening offer. We have a lot of experience in determining the right price and we are fully aware of the current factors in the real estate market to determine the value.

We also help to define the resolutive conditions. A purchase agreement can still be dissolved on the basis of these conditions. Which bidding strategy is ultimately chosen depends on the situation.

Step 4: Signing of the deed of sale

If the seller accepts your offer, the purchase agreement is drawn up. We will peruse the purchase agreement with you to see if all the details are correct.

We pay special attention to the purchase price, the delivery date, the resolutive conditions and the list of things that the seller leaves behind in the house. If everything is in order, you and the seller will initial and sign the purchase agreement.

The purchase agreement and the necessary documents are sent to the notary. You’ll have a legal reflection period of three days. Within this time you can still cancel the purchase. If you do not do this, the finances are complete and any other resolutive conditions are no longer an obstacle, the transfer will take place at the notary on the agreed delivery date.

Step 5: Notary

When a date has been set for the transfer of the house, Curaçao Homes advises you on everything that needs to be arranged. This way you will not forget anything and the notary can prepare the transfer of ownership (deed of transfer). A few days before the delivery, you will receive a draft deed of transfer and a draft bill from the notary.

Always check with us if all information is correct. Just before the transfer we inspect the house together to see if it is still in the agreed condition. After that you pay (almost always via the mortgage lender) at the notary the purchase price, the other costs and, if agreed, the price of the movable goods.

Last but not least, you sign the deed of transfer. The house is now in your name and will be registered by the notary at the Land Registry.