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Letting your property

There are countless reasons why you want to rent out your home, apartment or commercial property. You live abroad, you have a second home, or you have real estate as an investment.

There is a lot involved when renting out your property, because you are doing business in a difficult market with changing regulations. Finding the right party can be difficult and, above all, a time-consuming job.

We are aware of the latest market developments, current rents and regulations, and can provide you with advice in a no-obligation consultation.

If you submit your property to us for renting, you can expect the following from us.

Step 1 Intake

Viewing the property, and determining the rental price in consultation. We will talk with you to indicate which requirements you set for the potential tenant. We take photos and will make a description of your home.

Step 2 Offering the property

First we approach the people who are already known to us who are looking for a house. Through our own channels (website and social media) and our network we distribute the advertisement of your property so that it is brought to the attention of potential tenants. And, in consultation, we can place a For Rent sign in front of the house.

Step 3 Viewings and screening

We will provide the viewings with prospective tenants, after we have asked them a few questions in advance. We also look at the requirements that you set for potential tenants. If this matches, then interested candidates are invited to view the property.

The viewing also offers us a good opportunity to find out why the prospective tenant is interested in your property. At that moment we look critically at the potential tenant and ask additional questions.

Step 4 Rental agreement

As soon as a potential tenant decides to rent your property and you accept the prospective tenant, we can help with the negotiation and other agreements that are made. We eliminate all forms of haziness and miscommunication so that both parties clearly know where they stand.

Both the standard agreements and any special provisions are included in the rental agreement, which we will prepare in consultation with you. We inform the tenant and home owner extensively about their rights and obligations.

After signing the lease, paying the rent and the deposit, the key transfer will take place. We check the property together with the tenant and prepare an inspection report. This way you both have a clear overview of the state of the property upon completion and the tenant and landlord will not be confronted with surprises at the end of the rental period.