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Our clients are important to us. Here's what they have to say:

  • Especially if it is your first home.


    Buying a house involves quite a lot. Especially if it is your first home. Last February I got to buy my first house through the real estate agency office Curacao homes. As an inexperienced buyer, I was not sure what to expect and had many questions about practical matters. Things like who could make an appraisal report? Which notary office should I choose? Fortunately, Berdi helped me a lot with this. Communication was always smooth and she always kept her promises. In a nutshell a nice broker to work with! Masha Danki Berdi !!

  • We would highly recommend you to apply for the services of Curacao Homes...


    After receiving good recommendation from a friend, we choose Curacao Home to assist us with the sale of our parents’ home. We contacted Mrs. Berdi Reusink, who agreed to meet with us. We do not regret our choice. Mrs. Reusink and her team gave us good advises, with regard to all our real estate questions. They were always on time when hosting the open house and the home inspections that were held.

    We can confirm that the people at Curacao Home can be trusted and that they have good communication and real estate organization skills. We had mixed feelings but where also satisfied that our house was sold within six months.

    We would highly recommend you to apply for the services of Curacao Home for all your real estate businesses.

  • I am very satisfied with the cooperation

    Ria S-H

    When we decided to sell our parental home, I approached several brokers by telephone on behalf of the family. The contact with Curaçao Homes immediately went so well that an initial meeting was soon confirmed.

    Curaçao Homes did not disappoint me during the entire sales process. I am very satisfied with the cooperation, the guidance and the professional advice during the sale. The contact remained good. Broker Berdi was always reachable. Even outside office hours, if needed.

    For viewings she took the time, with an excellent result. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend Curaçao Homes.

  • That has absolutely succeeded...

    Ed Voeten

    Just as important as finding the right house in Curacao (both when buying and when selling), is finding the right real estate agent. Berdi from Curacao Homes has given fantastic support for the purchase of our property.
    That started with finding the properties that matched what we wanted and later with the negotiation of the right conditions. But it went further than that, Berdi also gave an honest advice when a house was less suitable for us even though we hadn't realized it ourselves.

    It was not about completing a deal for her as quickly as possible, it was about us finding a house in good quality that would suit us perfectly and where we would enjoy living for a long time at a competitive price. That has absolutely succeeded and that is why I can definitely recommend Curacao Homes when you are looking for your dream home.

  • It was indeed THE house !

    Marlene Koenes

    Mid-February 2020, fresh from the Netherlands, our search for a house on the island began. We had set a number of conditions that a house had to meet and plenty of time, two months, to find it. That's what we thought.

    It was still in the Pré corona era where all the nice houses within our budget seemed already rented. The stress increased. So many houses, all really beautiful but just not what we were looking for. In early March, we had finally found a home that met almost all of our requirements. Almost! But I kept doubting. In the meantime I met Brigitte. She was aware of our wishes and would help search, the more help the better!

    Time was running out, it was now the end of March, and we almost gave up ... when Brigitte called me saying 'I'm in a super house for you now'. Without exaggeration; I was there too within 10 minutes.

    It was indeed THE house that met all our wishes. Neighborhood, space and a pool! Perfect! We are so happy ! Thanks to Brigitte. Thanks to Berdi. Thanks to your efforts, we moved just before the lockdown, and live with great pleasure in this beautiful house with a great landlord as a bonus! Thanks ladies!



    Having to make a very difficult and emotional decision to sell our houses in Curaçao while living in the US, seemed so stressful and almost impossible.

    After having the houses appraised, I came into contact with Berdy from Curaçao Homes and the rest is History.

    Berdy assured me that she'll take care of everything and guaranteed me a sale. She was very professional and always available when ever I had any questions or concerns. 

    Berdy went above and beyond, trying to get us the best deal, and in the end she did! Even I could be on the island for the final sale, I was well represented by Berdy.

    I highly recommend Curaçao Homes.

  • Really a great broker!

    Fam. Dilrosun

    Our house had been for sale for a long time and it was not possible to find a buyer. From the moment we hired Berdi Ruesink, things suddenly went a lot better and we were even able to sell it in the middle of the Corona crisis. That was quite difficult, but the guidance was great.

    We could always contact her with all our questions. Really a great broker!

  • With her passion and dedication she will guide you to the desired result.


    I am very happy that I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Berdi and experience her expertise in both the sale and purchase of a house. Her caring and certainly her empathetic approach made a huge difference in the success of the transaction.

    Mrs Berdi is a real estate agent who really cares about her clients and sincerely takes their wishes into account. What sets her apart from other real estate agents is her passion for her work and her ability to manage all the variables and challenges that can arise during such an important process. She goes further than just selling/buying a home, and her involvement and commitment are unparalleled.

    Buying or selling a house is often a complex and emotional process, but with Mrs Berdi's guidance and advice everything runs much more smoothly. Her extensive knowledge and professional approach make her a reliable and valuable partner throughout the entire process. I can't thank her enough for her dedication and making the entire process as stress-free as possible.

    If you are looking for an agent who not only focuses on closing a deal quickly, but who also takes your needs and circumstances into account, I highly recommend Mrs. Berdi. With her passion and dedication she will guide you to the desired result.

    Thank you, Mrs. Berdi, for simplifying this important process and for your continued support!